Performance Sales & Marketing, Inc. is pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of the Hildozine Remote Transceiver Caddy and the Hildozine Transceiver Storage Jacket.

Hildozine Remote Transceiver Caddy

This USA-made patented unit is designed to attach to a Transceiver and have the ability to mount on a light stand, tripod, and etc. No more dangling on the end of a cord or using Velcro. Simply screw it in the back of the Transceiver and use the bungee cord to secure it. This Caddy is an inexpensive way to make your Transceiver very secure and is a perfect match for all Pocket Wizard Products.


Hildozine Transceiver Storage Jacket

Use this Jacket to protect your investment. Imagine no more broken atennas and using a protective cover for your tranceivers which doubles as safe storage. It attaches easily, can be used by itself or in conjunction with the Hildozine Remote Transceiver Caddy, and helps you organize your gear like a pro!